Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Many times through events I see the Lord speaking; Orlando's three tragedies is one of them.  My dad used to say that many Christians are too busy polishing their armor or stabbing others in the back.  We are the Church!  We are His Body!  On June 26, 2015, the law of the land said it was okay for gay and lesbians to marry.  What did the Body do?  What should have the Body done?  

As a parent, when my child doesn't understand the consequences of their actions, my job is to cover them, train them, and love them.  The world is in sin.  It has NOT been redeemed.  Why would this decision 'surprise' us the Church.  The unsaved world is supposed to sin, it knows nothing else.  The Church had an amazing opportunity.  It could have covered these amazing human beings made in Christ likeness with prayer.  The Church could have taught how horrible this sin damages family, loved ones, society.... The Church could have loved them like Christ loved the Church and died for it.  

Our Amazing Father gives us many, many, many opportunities to step back into grace and do what we are supposed to do.  I hear our country 'crying' out for the Sons and Daughters of the King to cover it, train it, and love it.  Orlando is a family-fun place.  It is a place to save up and take the family, make memories, laugh, and enjoy life.   On June 10, 2016 a 'voice' representing our hopes, dreams, and youngness was shot.  Christina Grimmie was shot and later died from her wounds on June 11th.  On June 12th, forty-nine lives ended abruptly.  The name of the gay nightclub was the Pulse.  I see it as the 'pulse' of this country.  Many of the dead were men, men who were waiting for their 'training' to rise up and lead.  It was the heartbeat that stopped that day.  On June 14, 2016, a 2 year old Nebraska child, from the heart and innocence of our country, was snatched by an alligator.  Interesting how an alligator is a amphibian just like a snake is.  The 'snake' was attempting to 'snatch' life from the garden and succeeded until our Redeemer paid the price and rose again.  

Daddy has been speaking heavily to me regarding all these correlations.  He wants me to be the Church.  I need to repent if I have mocked, criticized or disrespect the gay and lesbian community.  I NEED to pray, love, bring hope to them.  "How then shall they call on Him in who they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of who they have not heard?  And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent?  As it is written: 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!'"  

It is the Good News, and we the Church have it.  Now we need to share it!!!

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